BIM and CAD We are one of the first in the world to talk about something called BIM (Building Information Modeling) Here we share several useful insights. Many are confused between CAD and BIM … In fact many are confused about CAD itself. They think it stands for Computer Aided Designing when in fact it is actually for Computer Aided Drafting… you will hear about all that in this category. Come. Participate. Enjoy and post your replies! Discourse Learnings This forum runs on the open source Discourse forum software. You could also use this forum (We provide such a service for you!) This category has pieces of knowledge we have gained regarding this excellent ,sophisticated open source forum software. Enjoy! Put in your replies! Uncommon stuff This contains stuff that we encounter on the Internet that are not usually much spoken about, but could be useful in some situation Linux Servers Linux Servers can be sometimes hard to administer. There are subtle issues that come up which needs to be attended to. Linux Servers on the cloud is often connected to office by a thin umblical chord – usually by a daemon called SSHD. If something goes wrong there, the umblical chord is broken; and suddenly you are left gasping. Then what do you do? Databases Database come broadly in two flavors: One are the regular RDBMS … which stands for relational database management systems Generally they use a DSL (Domain Specific Language) called SQL (often pronounced sequel) SQL language is like an intelligent wrapper on top of the RDBMS, and the language allows you to plumb into the data stored in RDBMS. Graphics Code Graphics programming is one of our fortes. We have written one of the oldest architectural design software. Here we share several useful nugggets of information. Enjoy and post your replies to them! Syncthing Learnings Syncthing is an excellent open source, highly secure, highly configurable synchronization system that we use. We can help you set this up for you too! See here In this category, we have collected whatever we have learned about this excellent piece of software. Use cases, etc. Management lessons Limen Leap Labs is a very young startup. We will be one year old on September 11 (yes the very famous September 11) However this startup did NOT start in a vaccum. Our founder has had an illustrious career as an architect as well as a professor, setup the software design department for the subsidiary of a New York company and also; at one point in time, was a guitarist at a restaurant at Ooty! SaaS lessons Our founder, Sabu Francis, has been active in developing software (and also as a practising architect) since 1987. He has developed many different software; such as one of the world’s first PDF creation system, a free online Wiki system (even before Wikipedia), the world’s first use of single-page CMS, and so on
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