Borrow our CTO for a day

Are you struggling in your own company with some serious technical issues? Do you want a second opinion? on how the young yuppies in your organization are going about coding some solution for you? Are you confused on the approach you want to take for you tech? Are you worried about your technology getting into some hairy problems later on?

Worry not!

Our founder; Sabu Francis, has exemplary skills and knowledge in computer science. He is quite a nerd. A TADNerd. (Really. His audio podcast is called tadnerd) … and he can be made available at your disposal for a day.

He has mastery over 12 computer languages. He is versatile not just in programming but various aspects of computer science such as databases (both NoSql and RDBMS), server management, graphics (especially vector graphics), data formats, API design, and use and so on. He works on Windows and Linux (especially Ubuntu) and has familiarity with Macs and mobile phone applications. More importantly, he would be useful to lay out the problem solving approach, and software architecture that your company would need to adopt.

See his Linkedin profile here

You should accumulate all your doubts and thoughts, and hire our founder for a day. Before that, feel free to get onto a call with him Get an opinion whether Sabu would be suitable for you and/or the number of such days you may need:

Our service fee structure is as follows:

  • Half hour free consultation BEFORE the day starts
  • One day charges: Rs 9000/- (Rupees Nine Thousand Indian Rupees)
    (taxes, etc would be borne separately by you. No additional charges for electricity or Internet)


  1. This offer is only for Indian citizens.

  2. The service would ONLY be provided online via various tools for remote work; such as Zoom, VNC, etc.

  3. The half hour free consultation would let our founder know if your concerns are broadly addressable. If they are indeed addressable and we do decide to go ahead, an NDA from us would need to be signed electronically by both parties. If you have one too, our founder will sign it. This NDA should be simple and possibly you should use the one which we have to reduce time. The rest of the points below, of course, assumes that we are going ahead

  4. The timing that is suitable to both parties would need to be agreed upon. A total of 9 hours of attention from Sabu Francis would be made available (excluding breaks). If you need more hours of consultancy, the additional time consumed would be charged extra at the rate of 1.25 times the rate; or as per mutual discussions with Sabu

  5. A separate category of topics would be started in this forum which would be private to you. During and after the one day is over, those topics would be fleshed out to answer your doubts. Additional viewing tools such as a mindmap, etc. could also be setup and shared with you.

  6. All those reading material would be available free for you to read anytime. It would serve as a nice springing point later on. Any comments that appear in those topics would be addressed after the one day event, only when time is available

  7. Topics that are outside the scope of whatever that were raised during that one day consultancy would be subject to mutual agreement on additional costs that you may need to pay.

  8. Sabu will NOT be doing any programming for you. It is expected that you would have programmers at your hand to follow the instructions given by Sabu

  9. Sabu will NOT develop any contents (text or graphics) for you.

  10. Non-tech topics such as product viability, marketing, graphic design, web layout, Ui, Ux may be raised. But answers may be provided only on a case-to-case basis… in short, they are all upto the discretion of Sabu

  11. Technical access to your servers, api, etc would need to be given to Sabu as needed.

  12. 50% of the payment would need to be paid after the NDA has been signed. The balance 50% should be paid once the half-day mark is reached .

  13. All payments are to be done either by Google Pay or by Bank Transfer and would be in Indian rupees.There will be no deductions. All taxes, including TDS, GST, etc – they shall be borne by you and the amount adjusted so that the net payment made to us would be what is mentioned in the introduction.