FAQ on workshops for our startup cohorts

When is the next workshop?
The workshop for the very first cohort will run from Jan 2, 2022 to Jan 31, 2022

What is the reason for such a workshop?
Limen Leap Labs is also an “atelier”: We invite youngsters to pick up our IPR and create an IT startup with each of our offerings.

The purpose of such workshops is to get to know each other and our various IPR that Limen Leap Labs is working on. By the end you would be clear on how many people you need to be in your group, who to get in your group, which IPR to use for your own startup and a reasonable roadmap ahead to travel on.

Who should attend such a workshop?
The cohort we form are exclusively for non-techies. IT startups on the Internet are not really about technology. We have that part reasonably covered. What is also very important would be to support the non-technical side of the story: Such as marketing, business development, customer care, finances, legal regulations and HR. So if you have skills, knowledge and maturity in those areas; consider applying.

This is NOT to say that technology is NOT important. Of course it is. Quite important – but that is the difficult problem that we have solved, and our IPR is for the tech. Which is our responsibility. There is another reason for excluding techies. Our IPR are all highly technical and getting other motivated techies may often confuse the discussion or bias it.

But by the end of the workshop, we would get a clearer idea on the kind of techie who should join the startups who are taking off, after our workshop. At that point; we would encourage the startup in question to start the hiring process.

Why are technical people not allowed?
Technology; some say, does not make a business. We do not say that. Instead; we say that incorrect technology can surely break a business. What many do not realize is that the field of computer software is extremely young – just 80 year or so. And the Internet is just a flicker of a flame in this universe. To think that technology is stable in such a context is making it look a lot more mature than what it is.

Because of this perspective (which we believe is the right one); we can be easily prone to immature discussions. There are lot of misunderstanding, snake-oil, and fads when technology gets opened up.

We walked thru all that and finally came up with our solutions. When a startup is taking birth using one of our working solution; we do not want to lose our focus. So we better reinforce the technology we arrived at the hard way – of course, towards the end of the workshop there will be more clarity regarding changes in the tech, pivoting etc. And we surely will recommend that the newly born startup to look for a senior tech person too. Because our co-founder would be a temporary CTO in that startup; for a few months only.

So are you saying that your technology is perfect?
Far from it. We must have got only 60% to 80% right in our selection of the technology for each of our solution. But waiting for perfection is NOT the way to get going with a startup! As explained earlier, we are quite open to all kinds of discussions – even huge changes in the technology to be used. But let that come up due to non-tech reasons instead of faddish attachment to some xyz tech. before hand.

Who will be leading the workshop?
The workshop would be conducted by the founder of Limen Leap Labs; Mr. Sabu Francis. He would also bring in external trainers/professionals to conduct some sessions.

Where is the workshop held?
Completely online. Mostly it would be using our own technology for the video conferencing, etc.

Can I discuss my own startup idea?
No. In this workshop, we need to concentrate on the IPR that we at Limen Leap Labs are offering to potential startup founders. Discussing other ideas will only be distracting. In fact, if you already have a startup idea and are passionate about it – then you should NOT join the workshop. This is not to discourage you, but within the limited time and resources we have; it is better to concentrate on what we have done – because all our IPR emerged out of a lot of deep research and examination of the problems we identified. That is extremely time consuming. So if someone comes with their own startup idea; it would surely take a lot of time to sift the wheat from the chaff.

Having said that; our founder is often found at Clubhouse. If you can catch him there and button hole him into a private room there; you may be able to sound out your ideas for a few minutes.

What happens in a workshop?
Our startup cohort workshop runs for 30 days usually, with an intense training session by our founder for 2 hours on each and every day. But that does not mean the rest of the time is a “free period” The participants are expected to put in their passion and heart and soul into various assignments given by our founder.

What are the takeaways of the workshop?
At the very bare minimum, you would get a very good idea on what is happening in India; in the startup world and what pathways are available to navigate and execute on your idea. But ideally, we would form groups from the cohort; and handover one or more of our current IPR to eligible groups.

How do I apply?
An application form is available in our main home page. Submit that, and you would get an email. Sometimes an interview via an e-meeting or a Clubhouse meet may also be needed. If we both are satisfied, then you would need to make a payment and sign an NDA. You would also be given some course material that you need to be ready with before the workshop.

What are the fees?
To reduce confusion, fees are mentioned ONLY on our home page, in the initial application form. Take a look there.

What are the rules of the workshop?
Be polite. Be well-read. Construct your arguments without logical fallacies and weed out cognitive biases. Stand corrected in light of new knowledge. Be courteous and listen well. We reserve the right to remove/ban in case of repeated misbehavior.

Is English language proficiency important?
No. As long as you can reasonably understand English well and your written English language is understandable and coherent, it is fine. The workshop would be conducted mainly in English, with a bit of “Mumbaiyaa” Hindi being used once in a while. But we do not mind if someone is not really a fan of English. Tip: Keep a good dictionary next to you always during the workshop.

Do I get a certificate?
No. This is not a training institute. We are preparing you for a proper career. Not a theoretical one.

What and Where is the NDA?
An NDA stands for a “Non Disclosure Agreement” Check with us later. A link would be posted for a draft NDA.

What else do I get at the workshop?

  • You will be given a special read-only email inbox using our own Known.Email system. The domain would be @core.limenleap.com You can use that for life, to de-clutter your regular emails. That means, you are free to use that email address to register to those websites/apps/applications where they send no-reply emails such as newsletters etc.
  • You would also be enrolled into our Slack Community**
  • You will also be enrolled into our Stackoverflow Teams system**, where lots of Questions and Answers would be collected
  • You will get read+write access to this forum (the one you are reading here)

**Once the workshop is over, we reserve our rights to remove you from these internal systems. You may continue to use the clutter-free read-only email account we gave you. And in some cases, you would remain a member on our forum here