How to pay for our solutions? Answer: Buy Koyns!

For a few of our services, you would need to make a bank transfer in Indian rupees. But for most of our solutions, we have an innovative method for making payments. Read on!

The term “Koyns” is what we call our internal currency that is used to purchase usage of features of some of our solutions. This is an alternative to the popular tiered pricing that many SaaS products use.

People often stand confused when trying to buy a SaaS offering because they are staring at 3 or 4 columns, explaining each feature. Why? Because they want some features, but not all, from each of those columns – and hence can never settle down. It is uncomfortable both to the users as well as for us when they are asked to take a decision – it is difficult for many to assess which of those 3 or 4 columns or pricing would be suitable.

What we do in our solutions; is to price each usage of one feature with a tiny number of koyns (one Koyn is 1 Indian Paise (1/100th of a Rupee). As far as possible we try to keep to uniformly keep the pricing of all usage of all features similarly, so it does not take rocket science to assess how much it would cost you.

Now how to buy these Koyns? Simple: You use our payment gateway and buy as many as you want in terms of Indian Rupees (foriegn currencies would be converted to Rupees)

The koyns you purchase would be loaded into your account, and you can use it across all our products.

Yes, so that is right! That is another advantage of stocking up Koyns into your account: You are not restricted to use it only for one solution from us. You can easily transfer it across all our solutions!

Here is the link to our payment gateway: