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Right at the top are links to our solutions (except the last part) Each solution opens in its own separate website in a new tab on your browser. The How to? section has easy to reach links on some important topics you may be interested in.

This website uses the Discourse forum software; and hence uses its concepts.

There are several categories of topics as the top-most concept in this forum.

Each category collects together related topics. Each specific topic addresses one point. Almost the entire forum is free for anyone to read. But once you sign-up, you are also allowed to reply to most of the topics in this forum; and continue a “conversation”. Many of you would also be able to write new topics for enriching this forum.

Click on the “hamburger” menu on this page to see more links. You can choose any of the categories and topics to read. If you sign-up you cna even participate in the various conversation currently underway. Reading is open to all, let me repeat, even without a sign-up.

Those who participate frequently on our forum will get different types of badges depending on their depth of participation. At some point, we will possibly actually reward you koyns for the badges you earned – you are free to use the koyns to avail of features in our solutions.

…Or our headers and footers have links to our various offerings to the world. Most of our offerings have their own websites – which will start on a new page.

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