Learnings on Databases

Database come broadly in two flavors: One are the regular RDBMS … which stands for relational database management systems Generally they use a DSL (Domain Specific Language) called SQL (often pronounced sequel) SQL language is like an intelligent wrapper on top of the RDBMS, and the language allows you to plumb into the data stored in RDBMS.

Why is explaining SQL important? …because that is why the other type of databases are called NoSQL :slight_smile:

NoSQL, as the name suggests do not use SQL to plumb into them. Instead, they have all sorts of different strategies for you to peer into and store the data in such databases. The actual technology used could be XML, JSON, and something called Graph Database which is used to store graph like structures and information of networks.

In this category of topics, we collect tips about all kinds of databases that we have expertise in.