Setup your own discourse forum

Are you attracted to our discussion forum? It is run on the excellent Discourse open-source forum code. There is a catch though: Setting up Discourse is real hard work.

Get on a free 30 minute call, to discuss the need for using Discourse for yourself or your organization:

We can do all the heavy lifting for you and set it up on your behalf.


  • Setting up a new gmail address and use that for all the installation work
  • Setting up SMTP server from an external agency such as sendinblue, etc. They typically would charge only after certain limits are crossed. Usually the SMTP server would be sufficient to run the Discourse forum. Alternatively, if you already have an SMTP server; you can supply the credentials to us.
  • Installing the latest Discourse forum code on an Ubuntu Linux operating system
  • Some useful Discourse plugins would be pre-installed
  • Additional themes will not be installed. These can be installed by you literally in a couple of clicks
  • We will NOT create ANY content on your forum. You would be required to read documents such as this one, to know how to collect people into your forum. We will be glad to share tips, though. See the next point.
  • A dedicated private topic will be created on our forum here for you to ask questions. We also have a general tips and tricks info regarding Discourse in this forum which you are free to refer to.
  • Once installation is complete and tested, we will hand over the gmail account to you, as well as the password to your forum and also the log of activities that we carried out for your future reference.

Service offering:

  • Type 1: You can give access to your own server that you had created on the cloud. It should be Ubuntu – any version greater than 16. It has to have at least 1 Gb RAM (ideally 2 Gb) and at least 20 Gb of space free. You will need to give us root access via sudo. Ideally this server should NOT have any other software running on it. We do NOT take responsiblity if you have other software on the machine, and any loss that may inadvertently happen during the installation process.

  • Type 2: We can provision a suitable cloud server as per your budget. Minimum specs are as described for Type 1. We suggest that you choose between Scaleway or Hetzner. Visit their sites and let us know. Both are quite inexpensive to run. We do not have expertise in other cloud providers but we can provision them for you if we think it is within our ambit of expertise and you insist on such a service provider.

We will charge you a fee of Rs 4000/- (Rupees Four thousand) lump-sum for this service. This will be paid in two parts. 50% before starting the work and 50% just before we hand over the forum to you.

This fees would NOT include any GST, or other taxes. Also, you would need to separately pay for the charges for the Ubuntu and/or SMTP server when setting them up (in case we had indeed incurred those charges). You would ALSO need to continually pay them as per their terms and conditions.

All payment would be by bank transfer

If for any reason we are unable to complete the setup, we will refund in full all the advance payments made by you.


  • This offer is ONLY for Indian citizens. If you are not from India and you need to avail of this service, email us at or leave a reply to this topic in our forum and we may consider it on a case-to-case basis
  • You will need to provision a subdomain address OR domain address for your forum; and you should be in a position to change the DNS “A” setting for that domain/subdomain. If you are unable to do this, we can guide you on how to do it at a free DNS provider no additional cost. But this step is critical.
  • We will strive our level best to complete the installation in a few hours. But you should ideally give us at least 48 hourse OR at least a few hours after whatever it took for the DNS propogation of your forum address took on the Internet
  • In case you give us access to your own server; we take no responsibility for any damage or loss that inadvertently could happen on your server. We, obviously, would take ALL the precautions to ensure that no damage happens, but Murphy’s law is always at work unfortunately.