Setup your passwordless membership system

In any software or app on the web; which enrolls people into a community or system; the hard part is the coding of the registration/login and community system.

We’ve discovered a neat way which allows such membership or community system to ride on top of the world famous DIscord communities. As you may be knowing, Discord started off as a way to group gaming communities together. But last few years; even non-gamers are actively setting up communities there.

Their community system is all hosted by them, and they are all largely free. Well, you can use the paid for version, but that ball is thrown into the court of individual members of the community to do so; instead of you.

There are major advantages of Discord, apart from being free. It has screen-sharing, audio, video and the community you build is fully searchable. And as expected of a mature system it is blisteringly fast, always available, a Ui/Ux delight.

So, now we’ve sold Discord to you. Let us get down to our main topic here:

If you are a developer, we can create a registration/login system which does not use passwords. For a small fee, we will hear out your programming requirement and teach your coders on how you can ride your membership system on top of a community you build inside Discord

We’ve done this ourselves for one of our products. Here is the video on how we authenticate a desktop application via Discord. It is our specialist architect’s design software; TAD.

One wonderful advantage of such a membership system is that you can setup a totally privacy protected system for your product. That means; you can collect members even without asking for their email address. Imagine the advantage to you: You can fully guarantee your members that they will NOT receive any spam. Of course, you can separately ask for an email address and other details; if you still feel it is important for you.

What I am stating here is that email address is NOT mandatory for this to work – and it saves you tons of coding work. As an added bonus, since Discord is very popular; you can get members easily: Just pass your community’s invitation link around – there are a huge number of people who are already on Discord. It is likely your target audience is either also there or would be quite happy being there; as they can also join other communities.


  • This offer is ONLY for Indian citizens. If you are not from India and you need to avail of this service, email us at or leave a reply to this topic in our forum and we may consider it on a case-to-case basis
  • We will strive our level best to educate your coders in a few hours. We will NOT do the coding ourselves; but teach your coders how this can be done
  • The fees is to be paid upfront. Once we are on the call; in case no code know-how has been exchanged, and if we mutually find that this system does not work for you; we will refund the entire amount