The core reason for Homing Space

Homing Space originated with a thought experiment.

When you walk into a shop in a new city you visit (in fact, most shops anywhere) it is quite likely that you don’t know the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper does not know you That means each of you are anonymous to each other.

Yet, the activities that would happen in that shop would be authentic … By authentic, we mean, both of you would be doing activities that you will not and CANNOT really disown. Or more technically, your individual behaviour is clearly attributed to the individual who perfomed that behaviour.

This lead to a serious set of investigations on how authentication systems work on the Internet. We invented Homing Space to be an authentication system which gives the same end-functionality of that shopping example noted earlier.

That means, a person who uses Homing Space as an authentication system need not announce his/her email address, other identity marks. The system knows he/she is unique! Homing Space can lead to a plethora of highly privacy protected distributed applications.