The core reason for TeamTwine

We believe space is the twine that connects people together. Real world spaces have stood around us like an obedient servant, giving us visual and other sensory cues to help us improve our work. Humans are presence and feelings driven animals. The mere presence of people around us, and the spatial context they are in gives us a idea on what we ourselves should be doing.

For e.g. When at work (in a physical office, that is) you were quite busy at your laptop… but slowly it dawned on you that lot of people are gathered in the meeting room. You can see even the CEO there thru the glass panel of the meeting room. This would immediately signify to you that something important is happening – and you would then re-work what you would do next – or at least you will consider it, if not change whatever you were doing earlier

That is what we meant when we said, humans are presence driven animals. Now lot of software kind of provides a “status” message which states what a person may be upto. But that is not a good way of communication. The best is to demonstrate things in the spaces around you. The mere act of moving into a space gives a strong cue.

Teamtwine therefore has these “floor layouts” which are graphical “game like” environment with rooms in them. Users turn up there as avatars, and each user now has a chance to notice who else is around in those floors. That drives the work that each of the officers are doing. Though in physical terms, they maybe at different geographical locations but conceptually; everone gets a sense of place and presence in the place; thru the avatars.

This is quite akin to youngsters playing role-based war games. You can actually get a feeling you are there in that war, along with your colleagues! TeamTwine takes that power, and gives it to the business world