Undistracted Browsing

Are you getting distracted because you have too many tabs on the screen? Or you keep getting tempted by the address bar in the browser to visit some other website?

We have created a simple, yet effective utility that can help you browse websites without distractions. It requires you to already have installed Chrome (or most other browser derived from Chrome, such as Brave or Chromium)

You can also use it to display a website in a Kiosk mode – quite useful for businesses who are attending exhibitions, seminars – where the monitor should show some website without showing address bar, etc.

This utility is called “Undistracted Browser”

You can simply add URLs of sites you would like to visit in an undistracted manner into a list. Then open any of those URLs in the listbox in a Chrome (or compatible) browser in “Kiosk” mode.

If Chrome was NOT open prior to using this utility, then it will open up the URL in a full screen mode. If regular Chrome was already open prior to using this utility; then, it will open that URL in a separate resizable window. In either case, the window will not have an address bar and other distractions.

You can also choose to open the website pointed by the URL in incognito mode. Just tick it just before you start the undistracted browsing.

You can also save the URLs you added, and load them later on. In short, you can have separate bundles of URLs that you plan to use. One very good use is to distribute such lists to the people in your office, so that everyone is always on the same page (pun intended!)

If you save a file named urls.txt in the same folder as that of the utility, then the list of URLs mentioned in that file would be loaded when it starts up.

Note: that when doing such undistracted browsing, if you “right-click” on a link and choose to open the link in a new tab or window; then the kiosk-mode browsing will not be available for that specific link.

By default, the utility searches for Chrome in the following directory:

On Windows, it will search for Chrome here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

On Macs, it will search for Chrome here:
/Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome

If Chrome is installed elsewhere, read on…

There are several other browsers which can be used by this utility. Such as Chromium, Brave, etc. They have the same options are the regular Chrome browser.

You can ask the utility to use any of those browsers (if you have them installed) Just make sure you specify the entire pathname (with filename) of that browser application in a file called “browser.txt” which MUST be kept in the same place which has this utility. The same instructions is applicable if Chrome was installed in a separate folder.

How to quit the undistracted browser
If you did not have Chrome running before hand, the undistracted browser will completely take up your screen. And you’ll be left wondering how to quit it. Wonder not! Simply use the usual hot-key to close the window. Ctrl-Q in Windows or Cmd-Q in Mac.

The utility itself can be closed by simply clicking on the ‘x’ in the title bar.

Download this simple utility from here:
https://utils.limenleap.com/undistracted_win.zip (For windows)
https://utils.limenleap.com/undistracted.app.zip (For MacOs)

Nothing much to do. Just download the zip file, extract the contents to a new folder. In case of Windows, go inside the folder and run the executable. In case of MacOS, you would need to first right
click on the undistracted.app file, and then Mac will ask you if you really want to open the application. If you give permission, then it will run. After that initial run, you can double click on the App and it will start without any hassle!

Note that on Macs, the folder where it is unzipped contains the Readme.txt (this file) and the License.txt file. You can see these two files if you right click on undistracted.app and click on “show package contents”

Enjoy! Feel free to distribute it to your friends. Please do send in your feedback.

“Undistracted Browser” is a freeware copyrighted to Sabu Francis,
Limen Leap Labs Private Ltd, India.

If you want to bundle this with any other application please contact us
at admin@limenleap.com for a commercial license.

We hereby allow you to distribute this utility (without being part of any
other distribution) to anyone you want, provided you distributed all
the files you received and nothing more and nothing less and with NO content
changed whatsoever.

There is no warranty, expressed or implied for this utility. Please use this
as per your own risk assessment. We will NOT accept any liability directly
or indirectly, due to the use of this utility. This utility has been developed
with the best of intention to help others.

(c)Sabu Francis, Limen Leap Labs Private Limited, India. All rights reserved - 2022

Privacy Policy
This utility does not collect any information about the user who uses this utility. Anyone can easily use a tool such as “fiddler” (Fiddler Classic | Original Web Capturing Tool for Windows) and you will notice that nothing is sent out by this utility from your computer. It just does what this simple documentation explains.