We invite startups to use our IPR!

Limen Leap Labs is the most exciting place for your career these days!

We encourage startups!
Those who have skills in all the non-tech areas: Marketing, Customer Relations, Business Development, Finance, come and pick up any of our IPR and run it as your own startup. Yes. This is not a joke!

Our engagement with potential startups start with a cohort workshop. Our next one starts on Jan 2,2022 and runs for 30 days.

We are looking for NON-tech people who are mature, knowledgeable and capable of making cogent fallacy free and bias free arguments. Most importantly, the person should be able to stand corrected in light of verified new knowledge. We want people to work alongside us (and not for us) and make their career – Experience or qualified degree is not a must. However maturity and clarity of thought is must. Capability to write clearly is a must – as we work remotely. Those who have a blog with original thoughts would be given preference. Those who have past track record of success is not mandatory but would help.

You will need to share your social media profiles with us.

Only NON-Tech people should join
Read our FAQ regarding this important point. It is not that techies are not important in a startup. They just come into such startups via a different route; and not thru such workshops. If you are a techie, and you can keep aside your tech biases; then you too can join. But usually, we find that techies would view startups predominantly from their own tech-lens.

We offer our wards (“mentees”) our time, energy and knowledge in our workshops. For each startup, we offer a lot more on a B.O.T (Build, Operate, Transfer) system with each of the budding startups.

We will fix a value for both our services quite clearly and you will never go in a loss. We will arrive at a suitable royalty+equity share in such a startup formed using our IPR

Performance reviews
We will have a performance review every two weeks. The first one would be at the end of the probation period, once the B.O.T agreement is put into place. In these reviews, we will mutually arrive at the amount of value you bring to our organization and establish the value of the budding startup as per industry norms.

If you decide to quit please do so because you are chasing a provable, much better dream than us and not for some frivolous excuse. For now, let us assume here that there were no violation of L3 policies and ethics for your exit.

Next steps
We setup cohorts for these startups. Each cohort comprises of a maximum of 50 individuals keen on using our IPR for their startups. Each cohort is given training for understanding our IPR and how startups in India really can work.

Submit the form on our main home page to apply for the latest workshop. Each workshop has two hours of intense training everyday. But apart from that; the entire cohort would be involved in actually carrying out fair amount of research and other home-work.