We need architects (real world architects, not software architects)!

One of our offering; TAD is now listed among many top 5 and top 10 listicles, and has got really good reviews. We get at least 8-9 (July 18, 2020) actual users (not casual downloaders) for this neat little design software

We plan to make a huge difference in the architecture of developing countries. After all, it all starts with designing. So, if you are an architect, and you want a job; come and talk to us.

This is what you should do:

  • a) Download and register TAD yourself (It is free) from https://www.teamtad.com Understand it as much as you can. It is quite well documented

  • b) We need lots of sample files in various building typologies to be made in TAD. Ask yourself which building typology you are good at. Make one sample in that and come to us ready to explain that. All such samples from all architects involved with us, would be collected together in our websites; to act as starting points for others to design further with.

  • c) Here is an added incentive: TAD is also being used by several non-architects. It would be a really good opportunity if your sample file is picked up, and they then want you to develop that file further. So this is a way to get projects!

  • d) Pick a suitable time here (see below) and email us on how you can contribute to this beautiful journey. Do not look at it as a software project; but a project where we will continuously make improvements in the way architecture is practiced especially in developing countries

  • e) Please share this news with others too