What is the meaning of "Limen"?

The word Limen is quite rare and esoteric. It means the finest threshold of perception. Sometimes, one gets really good insights and even solutions just as you wake up. That is one threshold of perception where you cross from groggy, sleepy self into wakefulness and suddenly you get an aha! epiphany… and you leap into action.

Hence Limen Leap Labs

…There is another reason. Many of the really wicked problems and also the solutions to those problems happen at the threshold between various things. It could be threshold between sleep and wakefulness. It could be between one space and another space. We at Limen Leap Labs explore all such thresholds.

There is an Indian mythological story which is one of the favorite metaphor our founder, Sabu Francis, uses all the time. It is the story of Narasimha … look that up on the Internet