Your very own private dropbox

Why waste money at a private company, when you can setup your very own Dropbox replacement which is totally under your own control?

Dropbox and other commercial solutions may be viable for synchronizing a small set of files (say 100 Gigabyte) . But for larger datasets, and when you need to sync many different devices; at varying degree of control; then things often go out of hand quickly.

You can either set this up on a local computer. But we strongly suggest that you set up the core central “hub” of your syncing at a server placed on the cloud. Sometimes companies often have spare capacity on your own existing server. A part of that server’s disk can be cordoned off for syncing your files from your devices. That too any number of devices; and totally under your own control – and totally encrypted and safe.

We will teach you how to set this up using the open source, highly efficient file synchronizing system at your end.

Just pick a suitable time at our calendar here to render this service. Note that you would need to make the payment for this service before this call

Service charges

  • We will charge Rs 1000/- (One thousand rupees) for a training session that is expected to last one to three hours. This has to be paid upfront, with no deductions whatsoever. Any taxes, GST, etc would be paid by you separately. Payment to be made by bank transfer.


  • Be ready with the estimated size of files and the various devices (laptops, mobiles, etc) that you have where you would need to synchronize your data
  • Be prepared to answer questions on how you organize your data, so that we can suggest the right strategy
  • Be ready to do some technical work on the computer where the “hub” of the syncing is to be setup. That is where the Syncthing software need to be first installed. You just need to know how to access your computer. If that computer is a Linux server, then you should know how to sudo to root or have root access on that server. Rest we will guide you
  • We strongly advise you to lease your own Linux (Ubuntu) server on the net, instead of starting the “hub” on a laptop, or desktop computer. If you agree then this server access should be ready before you start the session

Once our guidance is over, you are welcome to read the lessons we have learned about Syncthing here. Our usual conditions apply: This service is for fellow Indians. The guidance would be provided via one of the remote access and conference systems such as Zoom or Skype, etc. We hold no responsibility if anything goes wrong at your end.